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Shipping preparation

Before moving your car, you’ll need to prepare it fully for the transport. Have your car newly washed before transporting it, so that scratches and dents will be easily detected upon its arrival. Clean out the car’s interior and remove all personal and other objects from the front and back seats. Additionally, if your car has an alarm system, it must be disabled prior to its transport.

You should have your car serviced prior to shipping, and ensure that it is free of fluid leaks. If your car leaks fluids and is loaded on a large carrier, the fluids may drip down onto other cars and cause damage.

Depending on the moving service you choose, there may be certain requirements as to the condition of your car. For example, some businesses ask that no more than a quarter tank of gas be in the car’s gas tank. Having less gas in your car is beneficial to you as the customer, because the shipping charges will be tallied by weight, so the less gas you have, the lighter your car will be.

Fold back your car’s side mirrors and retract or remove its antenna, if possible. Have your car thoroughly maintenance before shipping, and be sure to communicate any problems to the transport company. If you have a roof rack on your car, you’ll have to dismantle it prior to shipping. Additionally, remove your toll pass and any other electronics.