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    Common Mistakes When Moving

Moving is difficult enough even when things go smoothly - Moving can be frightening if things go wrong. To make your moving experience a little easier, we have put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when moving.

    • Choosing A Low Ball Quote - We can't stress this enough. Do not select a moving company that has a significantly lower quote - this is the No. 1 way to get scammed! Do you really think it's feasible for a mover to come in 20%-50% less than others and move you at such a lower cost? Be aware of hidden fees. The cheapest quote will end up being the most expensive. Even worse, the mover could hold your goods hostage until he gets his money. Remember the famous sayings: "You get what you pay for", "You pay cheap you get cheap", etc.
    • Not Getting A Binding Quote - The definition of a Binding Quote per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (Sec. 375.401-(b) 1) - is an agreement made in advance with your individual shipper. It guarantees the total cost of the move based upon the quantities and services shown.
      Please be advised, a mover can provide a Binding Quote based on an estimated amount of weight or volume. It is highly recommended to use a moving company that will provide you with a Flat Binding Quote based on your item list; as total weight and/or volume can always vary after your shipment has been loaded.
    • Assuming Its Cheaper And Easier To Move Yourself - It is never easy to move, especially moving yourself! Packing all of your items correctly, packing them properly onto the truck and driving to your new residence can be a very difficult task. It may also take longer than you expected, cost more than you originally estimated and chances are you will not be happy with the outcome.
    • Not Having A Budget - If you are moving from a large home or moving long distance, you will most likely incur costs in the thousands of dollars. It would be wise to understand how these costs fit into your overall budget, which will include your travel plan to your new home, auto transport, temporary living expenses, insurance, etc.
    • Not Having A Plan - Moving is complex; there are many tasks and activities that will need to be coordinated. Having a plan is a vital part of preparing for a successful move. Without a plan, you will not have a full sense of what needs to be accomplished. (For helpful tips, check out our Moving Guide)
    • Not Taking Care Of Things In Advance - There are many things that will need to be taken care of before your move day; such as changing your address (, switching your utilities, transferring all your medical/dental and school records, etc. Get a head start on them! You will feel relieved to get them out of the way and this will help you to concentrate on other details of your move.
    • Failing To Disclose Everything To Your Mover - Being accurate will ensure accuracy. The more your mover knows, the more accurate your mover can be. Maybe your apartment is on the third (3rd) floor of a building and there is no elevator; maybe your china cabinet will need extra protection; maybe your street does not have access for a large moving van; maybe you have decided not to move the dinning room set after all! These are all possible circumstances; keep in mind if your mover is not aware of these conditions in advance, you will be charged for it at a later date (pick up or delivery).
    • Changing Your Move Plans But Not Telling Anyone - Its fine to change things about your move. Sometimes move dates may change because closings fall through; you may decide you are moving the washer and dryer after all. However, it is very important to update your moving company of the changes. In fact, you can never tell them too much! Some things may affect your quote, and it's better to work out the details ahead of time rather than last minute.
    • Not Understanding Your Insurance Options - If you are moving out of state, most likely your mover will provide you with standard valuation coverage. It is a good idea to know all the insurance options available to you; whether you contact your home owner's or renters insurance carrier and/or a third party insurance provider such as Baker International ( (For more information, please see our Moving Insurance article).
    • Not Taking Care Of Your Children - We all know how stressful moving can be. Imagine how your children must feel like. (For more information, please see our Moving with the Family article).
      In order to make it easier on them, we recommend keeping them busy with activities such as puzzles, board games, etc. Make sure to make the proper arrangements for your children for the move day. Maybe a neighbor can watch them; if this is not an option, pick a room in your old home and your new home where they can stay while the movers do their job. Remember, Safety First! Don't forget to make the proper arrangements for your Pets as well (Please see our Moving with Pets article for more information).