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      Getting you calendar coordinated

      6-8 weeks before your move

      6 weeks before your move

      4 weeks before your move
      2 weeks before your move

      1 week before your move

      Moving day

      The day after you move

6-8 weeks before your move

-Even though you’ve already contacted your movers to schedule your move by now, get in touch with them again to confirm that everything is in place and that you’re in agreement about pricing and payment. Double check that any special arrangements you’ve specified are being handled, and confirm the dates and times of your movers’ planned services.

-Since you’ve got a couple of months to work with, this would be a great time to plan for a yard sale. Go through your closets and storage spaces and carefully decide which of your belongings are worth taking up the costly space of moving trucks or vans and which are better left behind. Anything left unsold at the end of the yard sale can be donated to charity- some organizations will even come to your home to pick up your tax-deductible contributed items.

-This is also a great time to begin planning for the supplies you’ll need for your move. If you’re going to pack your belongings yourself, you’ll need to purchase boxes, strapping tape, and bubble wrap or ink-free newsprint. These materials can be purchased through your mover. The boxes sold by moving companies and related suppliers are specifically designed to be durable and sturdy enough to hold up under a move’s conditions. Don’t rely on collecting boxes from grocery stores to save money on your move, as the use of these boxes will result in damaged property and wasted time. Professional grade boxes come in all the shapes and sizes you’ll need, and some are even fitted with special inserts to protect your glassware and other fragile items.

-Now is the perfect time to start investigating your new community. The Internet is a great resource for learning about local schools and organizations, and you can also contact your new town’s Chamber of Commerce for more information.

-Since your new home is likely to have a different layout than the one you’re in now, think about how you’ll arrange your furniture when you get there. This will help you to give helpful instruction to the movers when they arrive, and can also save you time in the long run.

-Since you’ve probably been focusing on the travel plans for your property up until this point, now is a good time to start thinking about how you and your family will get to your new destination. Make flight or car rental arrangements as soon as possible, and if you’ll need to stay at a hotel you should make those reservations now.

-Get in touch with your realtor and confirm that all of the details are in place for the sale of your old home and the purchase of your new home.

-Designate a special file or folder for receipts and other documents specific to your move. Your moving related expenses may be tax deductible, so you’ll need to hang on to those receipts until tax time.

-If you have borrowed library books, organize them for return now. Additionally, gym memberships and other local memberships will need to be canceled, so organize your schedule to include those tasks.

-Get in touch with your insurance company or agents to organize the transfer of your auto, home, and other policies.

-Designate a file box for irreplaceable documents like wills, medical records, and certificates as well as valuables like jewelry and family heirlooms. These will not be packed with the rest of your property, and will instead be carried with you during your travels.

-Contact your children’s new schools to arrange registration and the transfer of school records.

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