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      Getting you calendar coordinated

      6-8 weeks before your move

      6 weeks before your move

      4 weeks before your move
      2 weeks before your move

      1 week before your move

      Moving day

      The day after you move

6 weeks before your move

-If you’re moving for business reasons and your company is covering your expenses, determine how much they’ll cover and what documentation you will be required to provide.

-Begin making an extensive inventory list of your property. By now, you should have sold your unwanted items at a yard sale or donated them to charity, so everything in your home will need to be included in the inventory. Include estimates of each item’s value.

-Complete a change of address form at the post office. Also submit a change of address to the IRS.

-Compile a list of people who will need to be informed of your relocation, including any newspapers and magazines you subscribe to as well as doctors, friends, and relatives.

-Start to plan meals using any frozen foods you may have.

-If you’ve made flight arrangements, confirm them at this time. Also confirm any hotel and rental car reservations.

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