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Moving your family

Moving on your own is a huge undertaking, but moving with a family is even more complicated. Special considerations need to be taken concerning children during a move, and preparing accordingly can save major stress for all involved.

When planning for your family move, keep children actively involved in the process. Research fun activities in the new neighborhood and town you’ll be moving to, and this will give the children something to look forward to. Help the children organize their belongings for the move; you could even plan a yard sale to get rid of old toys. Let the children pack their toys and label boxes so they feel like they are participating in an important part of the move.

Before your move, research schools in the area of your new home. Decide whether your children will go to a private or public school, and make a trip to schools with the children. You can research this on the internet as well, and ask for references from other parents in your new neighborhood. Keeping the children involved with the choice of school will help them feel excited rather than intimidated about all of the changes going on in their environment.

Be prepared for apprehension and even tears as your children face the stress of the move. They may go through a period of adjustment before they eventually accept and enjoy their new surroundings, and this is perfectly normal. As soon as they make new friends and start to engage in the activities they enjoyed at home, your children will quickly return to their normal selves.

Helpful Reminders for Making Family Moves

  • Be sure to have school records, immunization certificates, and other important documentation prepared to give to your children’s new school
  • Encourage children to collect contact information of friends and neighbors so they can keep in touch
  • Plan a moving away party to increase the children’s excitement about the adventure of moving
  • Be patient with the emotional reactions of children during the move- it’s a difficult time for them but children adjust quickly
  • Keep lines of communication open with children, reassuring them about the move and explaining why the move is necessary
  • Upon arrival at your new home, get involved immediately with activities that the children can participate in such as YMCA, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, etc.