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Office Movers

Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation is a moving need that comes with its own specialized considerations and guidelines. A seemingly daunting task, your corporate relocation can be made to go easily and quickly with assistance from carefully chosen professionals with a proven track record of providing quality service.

There are specialized moving companies dedicated to serving the needs of corporate relocation. These companies are experienced with all of the many facets of a corporate move, and can assure that the relocation is as smooth and efficient as possible. By choosing a moving company especially geared toward meeting the needs of corporate relocation, you’ll be sure to get great results.

As with a residential move, begin preparing for the relocation of your corporation months in advance of the actual move date. By planning ahead, you’ll be sure to complete the move in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Knowing your new office space

Take time to familiarize yourself with your new location, and take measurements of the rooms and offices you’ll be occupying. Take care to determine whether all of the furniture from the previous space will fit at the new offices, and make adjustments as necessary.

You can label boxes according to their destination, so that each box is moved into the proper office space or room in the new building. An experienced corporate mover will be prepared to assist you with this process, so be sure to communicate with them about where each box should go.

All employees should be well acquainted with both the set date for the move and the details of the new space the corporation will occupy. Keep the lines of communication and provide all employees with as much information as possible to ensure the ease of your corporate move.

Insuring your corporate move

With the cost of corporate property representing a business’ major investment, it’s important to insure the corporate move to protect that investment. Achieving an appropriate estimate of the property’s total value will be a valuable endeavor to undertake prior to making the corporate move.

Most corporate movers will offer insurance to cover damages to property incurred during the transport and handling process. In many cases, this liability insurance is extremely limited and may not offer sufficient protection for the value of your business’ property. Compile a thorough list of your corporation’s inventory, including each item’s value and the cost of replacing it.

Discuss insurance with your corporate mover, and obtain written proof of their policies and coverage. This should include information about the process of making a claim in the case of damage, as well as limits and amounts of the coverage they offer. You may decide to purchase additional insurance coverage through an insurance company that works specifically with relocation policies.

Packing up your business or corporation

Possibly the most important thing to remember when packing up your business or corporation is the need for clearly labeling each box according to its intended destination and owner. Make all employees aware of your designated labeling system so that the movers will easily understand where each box or item is to go.

Encourage employees to throw away garbage and clean offices prior to the moving day. The less property there is to move, the more quickly and efficiently, not to mention inexpensively, the relocation will progress.

Finally, be sure to label items that aren’t being relocated with tags reading “do not move.” This will also save time and money for your employees as well as the movers. Ensure that the phones, electricity, and other utilities will be connected prior to your move in date, and organize this well in advance.