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Types of Moving Companies

In planning your move, you’ll need to decide how much of the work you’re willing and able to do: will you pack the items, or have the movers come in and do the packing for you? Do you have any items that require special attention or handling? Do you want the movers to unpack the boxes at your new location, or will you unpack yourself?

Basically, there are two types of moving companies, and each offers a different level of service. The most comprehensive services come from a full-service moving company, and these businesses take care of the packing, loading, transport, and unloading of your property. These movers are licensed and offer business liability insurance plans to protect you in the case of damage to your property. Usually, they inventory all of your property and provide you with a copy of that inventory. Then you can check your property against the inventory list after its arrival at the destination to ensure that nothing is missing or damaged.

The second level of moving company is referred to as self-service moving. This type of business allows you to pack, load, and unload your property, and the only role they play is in the transport of the goods. These businesses are less expensive than the services of full-service movers, but also involve more work and time on your part. Additionally, their business liability insurance policies are different because they have no role in the packing of goods.

Finally, you might choose to take on all aspects of the move on your own, and hire no assistance whatsoever. This option is recommended for those with little property to move and a small distance to travel for relocation. The least expensive option, it is also the most time-consuming one, and requires a great deal of energy on the mover’s part.

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