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       Basic Guidelines for Moving with Pets

       Pet travel kit

       Warnings when moving with pets

       Air transportation with pets

       Checklist for air travel

       Pets traveling by vehicle

       Checklist for car travel

       Travel bags and accessories for your pet

       Pet ID tags

       Moving with dogs

       Moving with cats
       Moving with birds

       Moving with small pets

       Moving with horses

       Moving with reptiles

       Moving with fish

       Pets and your new community

       Government laws and regulations about pets

       Arriving at home after the move

       A New Veterinarian

       Checklist for Choosing a New Veterinarian

       Miscellaneous Pet Moving Information

A New Veterinarian

If you haven’t already picked out a new veterinarian in your destination community, you should locate one immediately upon arrival. Your prior veterinarian may be able to provide you with a list of referrals and contacts. Otherwise, contact the American Animal Hospital Association for members in your new area. Provide the new veterinary office with the health and vaccination records from your pet’s recent visits.

Choose a veterinarian that will be conveniently located in relation to your new home. The office should offer a variety of services and office hours that will meet your needs and schedule.

Don’t wait until your pet is sick to find a new veterinarian. Get your pet familiarized with its new doctor when it is in good health, so that it won’t experience the added stress of meeting a new stranger during a time of illness.

You may want to make a visit to the clinics you’re considering using for your new pet healthcare services. Examine their facilities, as well as their customer service. Additionally, you could ask for tips to help your pet get accustomed to the new surroundings; the response you get may help you in making a decision about which vet to choose.