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       Basic Guidelines for Moving with Pets

       Pet travel kit

       Warnings when moving with pets

       Air transportation with pets

       Checklist for air travel

       Pets traveling by vehicle

       Checklist for car travel

       Travel bags and accessories for your pet

       Pet ID tags

       Moving with dogs

       Moving with cats
       Moving with birds

       Moving with small pets

       Moving with horses

       Moving with reptiles

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       Pets and your new community

       Government laws and regulations about pets

       Arriving at home after the move

       A New Veterinarian

       Checklist for Choosing a New Veterinarian

       Miscellaneous Pet Moving Information

Moving with birds

Even more prone to anxiety than cats and dogs, birds are highly sensitive creatures that need special attention during the process of moving. Birds are especially sensitive to temperature changes, and can become ill if the climate around them changes too dramatically or too quickly.

Your pet birds can be transported in their usual cage, but a cover should be placed around it to prevent exposure to temperature changes and wind. Put the cage in an area of the car that has adequate ventilation, but remove food and water containers to prevent spills. However, you should still feed and water the birds according to their usual schedule.

Investigate local requirements at your destination regarding birds’ entry into a new state. Make a trip to the veterinarian prior to moving and obtain any necessary health records and certificates.