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Tips for packing moving boxes

Having the right boxes won’t make a difference if the boxes aren’t properly packed. These tips will help you pack your property safely and securely.

When packing appliances, be sure to apply several layers of heavy duty tape to the bottom of the box. Lay down a layer of padding in the bottom of the box, such as newsprint or bubble wrap. Wrap the appliance itself in newsprint.

When packing your artwork, be sure to slip corrugated corners on the edges of each piece. Any items with glass overlays including mirrors and artwork should be treated to a corner-to-corner X of masking tape to reinforce the glass. Then wrap the entire item in bubble wrap. Put crumpled newsprint or a layer of bubble wrap in the bottom of your box and slide the item in. If necessary, add more newsprint or bubble wrap in the sides of the box to keep it from jostling. If your box isn’t already marked, be sure to clearly label it as fragile.

For glassware, wrap items individually in newsprint and put layers of bubble wrap in between flat items like bowls and plates. Placing the heaviest items in the bottom, work your way up toward the lightest items and finish with a cushioning layer of crumpled newsprint or bubble wrap.

When packing your clothing in wardrobe boxes simply hang the items on the box’s rod and secure the top with tape. Flat wardrobe boxes are excellent packing choices for folded clothing from drawers.

Use special boxes for your electronic equipment if the original boxes are unavailable. These boxes are heavier and stronger than other types of moving boxes and frequently have several layers of corrugation to protect your fragile electronics.