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Self Storage basics

Inspect storage facilities to determine their value and quality. The way the grounds are maintained and the condition of fences and the overall property’s appearance can give you clues as to how your storage will be cared for. Now is the time to determine their climate, temperature, and humidity control capacities, as well as their preventative measures against pests. Ask about smoke alarms and fire alarms, as well as security patrolling.

Many storage companies will provide you with an initial written estimate for their services. Carefully review the estimate as well as the facilities before committing to any contractual agreements. At this point, the company should provide you with the terms of the agreement, including the minimum duration of storage, minimum charges, any additional storage preparation charges, transportation charges, and any other fees.

You may opt to use a mobile storage unit. In this case, a storage company drops off a trailer or carton at your home or business so that you can pack it with your property. Then, the company returns on a predetermined date to retrieve the carton and put it in their facility. This is convenient for people who wish to pack their own goods, but also requires the assumption of a higher degree of responsibility on the part of the person packing the carton.

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