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What to store

You can store practically anything in a self-storage facility. Perhaps you have a collection of fur coats and want them stored for the summer, or you’re renovating your home and need to remove your furniture for the duration. Whatever the case, self-storage is an excellent option for clearing up space in your closets and rooms. Electronics and musical instruments can be safely stored in the climate-controlled environments of many storage facilities, without fear of damage to their delicate parts.

If you own recreational vehicles, boats, or simply have more vehicles than you use on a regular basis, self-storage can be a convenient and inexpensive way to safely store them until they are needed. Because vehicles can be damaged from inclement weather and extreme temperatures, storing them away for the winter is one way to protect your investment.

Likewise, bulky sporting goods that take up space and are used on a seasonal basis can be easily stored through self-storage. If you only use them for the warmer months, you can rent a storage space for the colder months and retrieve them when the weather is appropriate.

With so many possibilities of items that can be stored, there are also some items that should never be put into storage. These include hazardous materials like gasoline and other flammables. Likewise, personal items of great value such as financial statements and personal files should be stored with sensitivity. Most storage companies will not permit the storage of firearms in their facilities.

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